Abbey Manor Hedgehogs

Gareth Webb & Co LLP supported a local project in June 2019; Abbey Manor Hedgehogs. With many members of staff living on Abbey Manor when an opportunity arose to support the community with this heart-warming project we had to get involved. Lynda Simonite and Lynn Goodby are passionate about supporting the welfare of the local hedgehog population in and around Abbey Manor, Yeovil this includes raising awareness of hedgehogs in the area.  We were able to provide the project with 2 additional signs to be sited on entrances to the estate to alert drivers to the presence of hedgehogs in efforts to reduce the amount of hedgehog casualties. There is a Facebook page to support the project which encourages residents to comment on “hog sightings” so that they can monitor the current population and offer simple advice regarding feeding, etc. The Facebook page has shown great community spirit.


The Western Gazette featured a piece on the project, this can be found on Somerset Live Website:


Photos by Len Coppland